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As you all know, I'm a bigtime EEnE fan and I can explain XD:
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Eddy icon animated by SBolton123 "It stinks. I'm bored."
Ed icon animated by SBolton123 "I forgot to wear underwear, guys."
Video game favourites:
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Other stuff I like:
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Alright first journal entry, I did mention I was gonna take another break from drawing Ed, Edd n Eddy vectors all the time (and the request thing aswell), so I can focus on getting my Jak cosplay finished for a con that will occur in July. Now I've got most of the materials to make props and accessories, its not entirely finished as the one complete prop I have is the chest ring with straps.
Props I need to finish making include:
Shoulder and arm plates
Seal of Mar
Precursor Orbs (just gotta add Precursor font)

Props I already got ready:
Custom Morph Gun (thing's already painted black, just gotta add some details)
Daxter amigurumi doll
Rubber latex gloves (with the fingers cut off to give the fingerless look)
Red scarf
Middle length elf ears (maybe I might paint them)

I ordered a wig that's getting comissioned to look Jak style, hopefully it arrives asap.

Now as for my Eds vectors for those of you wondering, I did mention I didn't wanna keep doing them for free all the time as I might change them to commissions, either paying me points or money. But if I'm gonna charge commissions, prices are the one thing I can't decide on, so I'll have to find out what I wanna do.


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Artist | Digital Art
Hi everyone, I'm Sam or in some cases Samuel, call me whatever you like.

What I do for posting stuff on here is mostly making Ed, Edd n Eddy vector drawings, with a variety of character poses from certain shots of any episodes. If you'd like me to make a vector from any episode, just gimme a message about a certain pose you want and I can do that for you (depending on the vector, since some seem hard to redraw) :P Sometimes I make mistakes and/or miss a few spots on my vectors, so I have a habit of EDiting them.

Incase you were wonder yes you can use my vectors in your own deviations, but it would be appreciated if you credited me so I can be recognised by others :)

:star: :iconaplz::icontplz::icontplz::iconeplz::iconnplz::icontplz::iconiplz::iconoplz::iconnplz: :star:


Some information you should know:
I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh
Requests closed by KillboxGraphics for now, but I will try doing the last few vector requests soon. Chances are I might start charging for commissions so I may not do free requests forever.
Dont steal my art by Wolven-Sister
Any negative/controversial comments on my stuff that I might find offensive, you get 3 strikes and bam, you're blocked. If you don't like some of the same interests I have, that's fine. But just for a WARNING, keep to yourself and watch what you say, plus you'll make the Eds and Kevin mad.
RAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! by SBolton123 ARE WE JUST ABOUT DONE?! by SBolton123 Looking for trouble, Urban Nerdos?!?!? by SBolton123 *Snap* by SBolton123


I am getting real tired of all of you thanking me for favs and watches in the comment section, this has really gotta stop...
Since I mentioned I won't be doing free requests forever, I'm planning to change them into commissions instead.
I'm probably gonna take another break for no requests, but some Eds vectors some people wanted me to do, I'll do them soon. As for the time period break, possibly a month (and maybe over) since I wanna try to focus on some other stuff.
I'm thinking of extending my requests a bit, besides doing EEnE vectors all the time, I was thinking of redrawing Pokemon sprites, particularly sprites from Gens I and II. Heck besides requests, maybe I might charge for commissions.
Just to inform I'm not making death battles anymore, I deleted them all but chances are you might come across them on Google.


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